TOP 10 cheap hosting services with unexpected quality

The hosting market is growing day by day. However, choosing quality cheap hosting is still what many businesses, large and small companies and individuals are most interested in.

The hosting market is growing day by day. However, choosing quality cheap hosting is still what many businesses, large and small companies, and individuals are most interested in. So if you are also looking for this Hosting source, then immediately refer to the TOP 10 cheapest Hosting services with unexpected quality – There is a shared discount code below.

What is Cheap Hosting? Criteria you need to know

Hosting is where the files on your website are stored. These files are installed right on the physical server along with the files of other websites. To have Hosted, users need to buy Hosting from each provider. However, buying cheap Hosting on the market today is always risky. So the criteria you need to pay attention to when buying cheap Hosting are.

Hosting capacity

Hosting capacity is also known as Disk Space. This is storage space – The space in your server hard drive is used to store your data. The more data a website has, the larger the hosting requirements must be. Usually Paid Hosting will provide users with a Hosting capacity ranging from 1GB to 10GB depending on the Hosting package you sign up for.

Here you choose to buy cheap Hosting, so the cost of buying and selling will usually be lower than Hosting packages sold at normal prices. Therefore, when doing the process of buying and selling Hosting at a cheap price, it is necessary to check the capacity of the Hosting package carefully.

  • If the Hosting package is sold at a cheap price with high capacity, you should choose to buy it.
  • If the Hosting package is cheap but the capacity is low, it is no longer cheap and you should consider carefully when buying Hosting to use.

Page loading speed

When deciding to choose cheap Hosting, in addition to choosing based on capacity criteria, you also need to rely on page loading speed. Page load speed is the calculated time from when internet users start accessing the website until all the content on the website is completely downloaded. If the page load speed is stable, the ideal page load time will reach from 3 to 5 seconds to complete.

If you want the page load speed to reach the ideal level, the server running the website service must have a large enough configuration. Thereby processing smoothly, meeting large volumes of traffic at the same time. So when choosing a cheap web hosting service, you need to make sure that it is always stable and secure. If the server works well, the download speed will reach a fast level, the connection line will be seamless, so the data is no longer congested.

The unstable operation of the website, slow access process will greatly affect customers. Customers will have trouble every time they visit your website. Therefore, choosing cheap Hosting is a good solution to help you save costs but need to ensure page loading speed.

Hosting Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data exchanged between the website and the user within 1 month. For example, you upload to your website a data file with a size of 1MB. In 1 month there are 100 people uploading the document file you upload, that means the amount of bandwidth you have consumed is 100MB.

So when choosing cheap Hosting, you need to consider whether the Hosting package of the Hosting provider you choose can meet the bandwidth needs that your website needs. If you use too much bandwidth, you should use a private server. If you use small bandwidth, you need to balance the number of visitors to choose the Hosting package of a suitable cheap hosting service provider.

TOP 8 Cheapest Hosting in Vietnam, suitable for students and businesses

Finding cheap Hosting service packages today is really not difficult. Surely you will be overwhelmed by so many different types of Hosting. However, the following Top 6 Cheapest Hosting in Vietnam, suitable for students and businesses, are the best options you should not ignore.


Vietnix is ​​a Hosting provider with the cheapest price in the current Vietnamese market – only from 5,000VND/month. In addition, Vietnix is ​​also a professional service for other products such as VPS, Physical Server, Firewall Anti DDoS, SSL, etc. Buying Hosting from Vietnix is not only outstanding in terms of cost but also highly appreciated for its features. Features and accompanying features:

  • 100% SSD hard drive.
  • Fight DDoS attacks effectively with Vietnix Firewall.
  • Automatic daily data backup.
  • Comprehensive protection with Imunify360.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts.
  • Unlimited MySQL/FTP Accounts.

With a powerful configuration and a minimum network speed of 7300Mbps, Vietnix's Cheap Hosting is the right choice for all types of users. Besides, when registering for Cheap Hosting service at Vietnix, users also receive benefits such as:

  • Free SSL certificate.
  • 24/7 support from professional technicians.
  • Try 3 days for free.
  • 100% refund policy.

Special offer 50% lifetime discount in August & September for new registered customers. Also 50% off all future renewals.


Tinohost is the most reliable solution on the market of providing cheap Hosting in Vietnam today. Tinohost not only provides reasonable cheap Hosting but also supports cheap hosting rental. In terms of speed, quality, and stability, Tinohost's Hosting packages are not inferior to any international or domestic Hosting provider.

Tinohost offers a variety of service packages including: Domain, Web Hosting, Email, software, electronic invoices, etc. In addition, Tinohosst is also famous for Hosting 9k which is very suitable for developing lightweight blocks. The strengths when choosing Hosting Tinohost are:

  • Good price
  • Free 1 month of use if the ticker supports more than 5 minutes
  • Free SEO Hosting package for SEOER with multiple IPs in 1 package
  • Hosting supports running multiple websites using multiple IP addresses
  • Powerful configuration
  • Integrating the most modern technology
  • Offer 7 days free trial
  • 100% money-back guarantee in 1 month if the customer is not satisfied
  • The selling price varies from 36,000 to 600,000 depending on the type

Besides the strengths, this supplier also contains certain weaknesses and limitations. However, when choosing Tinohost's cheap Hosting, you can rest assured because this provider does not have too many weaknesses. Specifically:

  • Few users choose because they are still "newbies"
  • The gap between big promotions is quite long


Azdigi is the next provider that you cannot ignore when looking to buy cheap Hosting, cheap hosting for students, ..Because Azdigi is one of the Hosting providers with servers right in Vietnam market. . Therefore, the page load speed is extremely fast. Currently, the price of Hosting distributed by this provider is also very diverse according to each service package.

  • Enterprise SSD Hosting: Cheap price is 216,000 VND x 12 months. The highest price is 672,000 VND x 12 months.
  • Standard SSD Hosting: The most absorbent Hosting package costs VND 50,000/month. The highest package costs 150,000 VND/month.

If you are the first customer will get an extra discount code with 15% discount. In addition to affordable prices, Azdigi also offers Hosting with many outstanding strengths such as:

  • Outstanding service quality
  • Uptime at least 99.9%
  • High speed access
  • Free SSL
  • Latest cPanel
  • Full SSD RAID – 10

Azdigi also inevitably possesses certain weaknesses. Details can include:

  • Inexperienced in operation
  • Promotions are decreasing day by day
  • Slow international access


Inet is the next name indispensable in the updated list of top cheapest Hosting in Vietnam. This is a provider that is providing almost all services related to Website operation and hosting. From service packages such as domain name, Hosting, VPS, Email, SSK certificate and recently launched website design service. Especially up to the present time, Inet only lacks a private server rental service.

The strengths of Inet's Hosting service are many. These include outstanding strengths such as:

  • Storage capacity 20GB
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Get Free SSL
  • Stable RAM
  • Fast page access speed
  • Data is backed up weekly

Despite possessing many outstanding strengths, Inet cannot avoid having unsatisfactory weaknesses. Most notably, you can only create 1 website with 1 Hosting.

Hosting Inet has a very cheap price. Just spend 34,000 VND to be able to buy quality Hosting to use. This price is extremely suitable for the needs of users, especially students and small businesses. Especially when buying cheap Hosting at this provider, you are also provided with a discount code kiemtiemspeed with a discount of up to 30%.

Eye of the storm

Hosting Mat Bao is one of the best cheap Hosting providers in Vietnam today. This supplier has a rather typical and outstanding corporate culture. So since its establishment until now, Mat Bao has built its position in the market of providing Hosting.

The reason the Hosting provider – Mat Bao is listed in this list is because the price of the service packages that the unit provides is very cheap, suitable for many users. A Mat Bao Hosting package is sold for 39,000 VND/month. Not only that, when buying Hosting here you are also provided with a discount code with a great discount.

Hosting Mat Bao not only provides service packages with cheap and suitable prices but the quality of services is very guaranteed. In which the strengths of Mat Bao Hosting can be mentioned as:

  • High stability
  • Fast page access speed
  • Surprising cheap price
  • High security…

Compared to the names listed above, Mat Bao Hosting has more limitations. Such as:

  • Some plans do not support SSL
  • Limit the number of Websites
  • Limited number of Park Domains

Nhan Hoa

Nhan Hoa is considered one of the hottest Hosting providers in Vietnam. As the first company in the field of providing domain names - High-quality Hosting. So choosing Hosting of Nhan Hoa provider will definitely not disappoint you.

  • About the price: Cheap Hosting Nhan Hoa really surprised every customer. Just have in hand from 36,000 VND to be able to own a suitable Hosting package.
  • About discount: Nhan Hoa not only provides cheap Hosting packages but also offers high-value discount codes. Depending on each Hosting package, the discount code will be provided accordingly.
  • Strengths:
    + Reasonable
    price + Reasonable price for students, students,…
    + Stable speed
  • Weaknesses:
    + Limited Storage
    + Limited Number of Domains
    + Limited One Month Bandwidth

The last name in the list of top 6 cheapest Hosting in Vietnam is This is the most reputable digital storage company today. So buying Hosting here you can be assured of the price and quality.

Regarding the selling price, the company offers a really competitive price that is too cheap. In the first package, the price is only 35,000 VND/month. On the other hand, the company also gives a huge discount coupon when buying the company's services. Recently, the company also launched a hosting package of 0 dongs for individuals, students, and individual block makers. Strengths when choosing the company's Hosting package are:

  • Enjoy a very low price
  • The capacity is quite good
  • High security
  • Uptime 99.9%
  • Lots of great promotions

Despite possessing many strengths, Hosting still has points that make customers unsatisfied.

  • The Memcached feature is not supported yet
  • Let's Encrypt is not supported yet


When you need to register for hosting, you can sign up for a Bkhost provider. With over 7 years of providing Hosting, Domain, VPS, Email services… Bkhost clearly understands the needs of each customer to create the best products.

Hosting services at Bkhost include:

  • Linux Hosting
  • Cheap Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Hosting Reseller…

TOP 4 Cheap but quality Hosting in the World

In case you want to find Hosting from providers in the world, then the following top 4 quality cheap Hosting.


This is a hosting company with extremely cheap prices. You only need 1.75$ per month to have Cpanel Hosting with Location Singapore with LiteSpeed ​​Web Server page.

All service plans of the company have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hard drive space. Especially you can buy cheap Cloud hosting as desired.


This is a Hosting provider with extremely cheap prices in the world. Location Singapore and Hong Kong for very fast download speed Vietnam Vietnam. Hosting with good configuration, unlimited bandwidth, domain names. Hard drive capacity from 10GB.

The best advantage of this provider is that it provides an unlimited number of websites for $ 2.99 / month, cheap WordPress hosting.


Foreign Hosting brands have companies located in the US. Company with 6 locations worldwide. Especially in Hong Kong, the download speed in Vietnam is very fast. The starting price of cheap Hosting that the company provides is $ 2.75 / month, with a free domain name for Hosting packages with a duration of 1 year or more.


Hostinger is a hosting company on a global scale, including Vietnam. The company provides the service at an extremely cheap price of only 14,000/month. Hosting packages all have a very high capacity, at least 30GB. So even though it is a foreign provider, the company's Hosting is still guaranteed to give your website fast page access speed and high security.

So you have just finished learning the TOP 10 cheapest Hosting services with unexpected quality – With discount code. Hope you will choose for yourself the best Hosting provider you desire.

Frequently asked questions when using hosting services

1/ What is Hosting used for?

Hosting is used to store content, data, emails, files, and transactions between users and your website.

2/ How many types of hosting are there?

The most popular types of hosting today are: Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server.

3/ Which hosting provider should I use?

The best Hosting providers in Vietnam today can be mentioned as Tinohost, Azdigi, Inet, Bkhost, Mat Bao, Nhan Hoa, Stablehost, Bluehost, etc. Get the discount code here.

4/ Is Free Web Hosting Good?

Even the most reputable free hosting provider cannot guarantee that your website is kept safe. DO NOT use free hosting because your website will be closed, your data will be locked at any time and especially vulnerable to hackers to steal information and data.

5/ How much does hosting cost for a website per month?

Every month you only lose from 9,000 VND for your website hosting service. However, the cost of hosting depends on the provider as well as the service package you choose, there will be different prices.